2018 School Spring 3 on 3 League

2018 Spring information is shown below for your reference.
Please check back in February for the new 2019 Spring Program

League Starts: April 23, 2018
Playoff Start: June 18, 2018

  • Team Registration
  • For more information about any of our spring leagues please contact Patty Frederick at PFrederick@iceworks.net
    or 610-497-2200 ext. 128

School Spring 3 on 3 League

2018 Team Registration

IceWorks Spring League is open to all teams interested in continuing to develop their hockey skills by staying on the ice. Each team will play 8 games plus playoffs and championship games for each division. The top 4 teams of each division will make playoffs. Games will be played on weekday evenings and weekends (as necessary).

  • League Fee: $1800 per team
  • USA Hockey Registration: proof of registration required.
  • Team payment of $1000 due with application. $800 due by May 15, 2018

All online registrations are made pending confirmation.

Team Classifications

  • Junior Varsity (3 on 3)
    Will play on Tuesday.
  • Varsity (3 on 3)
    Will play on Wednesdays or Thursdays.


School Spring League Starts: April 23, 2018
Playoffs Start: June 18, 2018

  • When teams sign up, rules will be given.
  • Rosters 9 Players and 1 Goalie
  • You may put 1 or 2 teams in per level.
  • Each level may play on any day of the week, if necessary.
  • The Elementary level will play on Wednesdays.
  • The Middle School check and non-check will play on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Junior Varsity will play Tuesdays.
  • Varsity will play Wednesdays & Thursdays.
  • Varsity is only allowed 3 Seniors per team.
  • All teams in league will be recognized high school teams.
  • All teams must be pure.
  • Delco League rules will apply for Middle School
  • School playoffs will not overlap with In-House playoffs.
  • All players must be registered with USA Hockey (proof of registration required).
  • All players are required to complete medical statement, consent to treat, waiver of liability and registration forms.
  • Team rosters are due before the first game.