2018 League information is show below for reference. 2019 League information and registration will be posting in Winter 2019

Spring/Summer Men's League

2019 Spring/Summer League

League will be forming soon. Applications will be taken online, by phone, or in person for our upcoming Spring/Summer Men's League.
call Aram 610-909-5440 or e-mail Tim Riday at triday@iceworks.net

Looking to join a Team? 
Use this link to submit your Free Agent Registration Request to be included in our upcoming draft.

  • League Fee: $4,800.00* per team  -  Submit Team/Individual Payment
    * Teams will receive a $300 discount if full team balance is paid by team game #5.  Any team not paid in full by game #10 will be removed. 
  • Games will be played  Monday through Sunday this season.
  • All players must register with USA Hockey.   All Players must bring a copy of their CURRENT USA Hockey Membership to their teams 1st game.  No players will be allowed onto the ice without it.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! 
  • Season will be 18 games + playoffs
  • All teams must submit a roster by Game #3 with USA Hockey registration numbers
  • Each game will consist of three 15 minute periods
  • NO TIE GAMES! Tie games go 5 min. sudden death (3-on-3), then 3-man shootout
  • Absolutely NO FIGHTING! If a player is assessed a fighting major, he will be given an automatic three-game suspension by the league. A second fight will result in removal for the rest of the season with no refund.
Party add-ons

Ice Cream Cakes:

  • 8'' - Serves 8 to 10 kids     $22.00
  • 10'' - Serves 12-16 kids     $25.00
  • Large Sheet - Serves 20 to 24 kids     $30.00

    Ice Cream cakes come from Hershey. They have a layer of chocolate ice cream and a layer of vanilla ice cream with a cookie mixture in the middle.

Chocolate or Vanilla Cakes:

  • 1/8 sheet - serves 6-8 people     $16.00
  • 1/4 sheet - serves up to 15 people     $21.00
  • 1/2 sheet - serves up to 30 people     $31.00


  • 1/4 sheet only comes in chocolate or vanilla
  • 1/2 sheet comes chocolate or vanilla, 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla or marble

Our chocolate or vanilla cakes come from Giant.