Hey all! 

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Rocco Carzo, Owner of RC4 Hockey and RC4 Hockey Training Facility, and Coach of both  Little Flyers Squirt teams. I just wrapped up my 7 year professional career (a little prematurely), but nonetheless, I am excited to get the opportunity to work with some of you this upcoming season down in the gym! We have some big things in store for the season!

Anyway, usually once my season ends, I begin to start my summer RC4 Hockey activities, which include lessons, clinics, and eventually my camps. But obviously, we are in a little bit of a crisis right now that has closed all of our rinks and put our spring hockey/tryouts on hold. I was hoping that it would be short lived and pass quickly, but it is looking like it may be longer than we had expected. I know a lot of parents and kids are all cooped up in their homes, along with myself, itching for some hockey! Along with that, many of us are worried that since all the rinks and gyms are closed, we may be losing a step and may not go into tryouts in the best shape as we would have hoped! I know its not ideal, and we're not sure when this will be over, but tryouts may come up pretty quick right after we get the "ok" to start up again, so we need to make sure we are continuing to prepare even in these tough times.

So, since its going to be going on a bit longer than we had originally expected, I've decided to put together an online virtual training program, consisting of three classes a week. This will keep the kids active and on top of their games as best we can. I know there are plenty of online workouts that are being posted and made available, and even more hockey people posting training videos or what not, which are all great, but I think that having a LIVE virtual class, with me in front of them doing it with them and explaining it all, will help these kids stay focused and involved in the workouts. It will also be beneficial if someone may have a question, or may not quite understand something that we are doing. Again, this isn't the most ideal way to train leading up to tryouts, but we are in a less than ideal situation right now, so I am trying to make the best out of it for these kids.

Below is all the info for what I am going to be doing. I've seen plenty online that other hockey programs have been doing around the country, and it seems to have become very popular, so I am excited to try it out! I will be grouping the kids according to age/level, so I can properly elevate the difficulty of the workout based on their experience level.

Information on the Virtual Classes:

When: 3 sessions, Tuesday PM, Thursday PM, Saturday AM. Times will be determined later once I put together the groups. Classes will begin
Where: All these will be done on the Zoom App online. I will be grouping kids in according to age groups.
What you’ll need: I will be sending out emails the night before letting everyone know what materials we will need for that session. All will be normal household/hockey objects.
Cost: $10 a week (3 sessions)

How to register: Visit RC4hockey.com, under the CAMPS AND TRAINING Section, you'll find the registration form. Payment is not required at the time of registration.

3 sessions: Each virtual class will have a different focus.

  • Session 1:
    This will be our workout session. This session will include exercises that will work on Power, Strength, Speed, Quickness, Flexibility, and Mobility. All the various exercises that I will be showing them (and doing with them) will be hockey specific, and will have a translatable purpose to the game of hockey. Many, if not all, of these workouts/exercises are types of things we do in the Professional ranks. I will be explaining why we are doing certain exercises and how they will translate onto the ice. A lot of this will be focusing on single leg exercises, working on building up that power and strength that we use when skating.
  • Session 2:
    This will be our skills session. We will work strictly on hockey skills, mostly stick-handling, puck skills, balance, and possibly shooting. For these, myself being there live will enable me to make sure they are doing it correctly, with proper form, and that they are getting the most out of these exercises. For these, we will also not need a lot of space. We want to make sure the kids’ hands and stick work is still laser sharp come tryout time!
  • Session 3:
    This will be our combo session, where we will be putting it all together. I will be taking a lot of what we learned/did the previous two nights, and combining them into various exercises. This will be a higher tempo type of session, with many smaller circuits in it, which will keep the kids moving most of the duration of the workout and make sure they get quite a sweat in!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, or would like to find out any more additional information, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you and hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Rocco Carzo